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Foyer Cafe Is A Home Away From The Office

“Break out of your cubicle and head to Foyer Cafe in Ohio City.” – Alex Kamczyc, Cleveland Magazine

Foyer Cafe Revives Ohio City’s Seymour Building

“They say you can’t be all things to all people, but Foyer sure does try.” – Lisa Sands, Edible Cleveland

Chic cafe Foyer at historic Seymour Building

“The stylish cafe not only hits the design high notes, but the culinary and sustainable ones too.” – Pei-Ru Keh, Wallpaper

This Innovative Firm Is Turning Landmarks Into Artful Shared Work Spaces

“In Cleveland, the company opened Foyer, a cafe offering award-winning Parlor Coffee and locavore dishes; the location is also partnering with popular local restaurant The Plum to offer pop-up lunches on Fridays to better encourage community gathering.” – Jill Sieracki, Galerie Magazine

Beauty Shoppe opens coworking location in Ohio City’s historic Seymour Building

“The Beauty Shoppe’s design is Bavarian-inspired, and in keeping with the company-wide ethos of invigorating historic buildings, draws on the existing high ceilings and large windows of the nineteenth-century building.” – Karin Connelly Rice, FreshWater Cleveland

Beauty Shoppe furnishes Cleveland co-working space with local products

“Local makers and businesses are represented in the space, including a contemporary painting by artist Lauren Noel, and greenery and floral arrangements by Plantscaping & Blooms.” – Bridget Cogley, Dezeen

Cleveland's cool coworking spaces

“The newest coworking space to open has a coffee shop and lobby that’s open to the public.” – Marcia Pledger, The Plain Dealer

New cafe Foyer makes Ohio City debut

“The airy, modern space has a minimalistic look with white walls and light-colored wood.” –

Foyer cafe to open in Ohio City

“Foyer’s signature beverage is a Kaffe Tonic…the result is a bittersweet, refreshing summer sipper.” – Marc Bona,

Introducing Foyer: Beauty Shoppe's First-Ever Cafe

“If you think about it, the original coworking spaces were coffee shops — a confluence of people, ideas, and discussion. Having a cafe in our Ohio City location will bring an energy and liveliness to the space that’s important to our mission.” – Wes Shonk, Beauty Shoppe

Wills & Bona: 5-Minute Chat

“The space is open to the public and also meant as a respite for the folks in the ‘coworking’ spaces.” – Marc Bona,